Orange Otaku is a fan site. This means that all of the anime, manga, and video games (and anything else) are all copyrighted properties of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.


However, it takes a lot of work to provide a service such as Orange Otaku to the public. Due to this fact, several parts of this website fall under a creative license. Below are the Terms of Use in regards to Orange Otaku!



The layout for Orange Otaku was design and coded by Mr. Referee, and thus belongs to him. Any brushes, fonts and/or images that may have been used in the layout are properties of their respectful owners. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN THE LAYOUTS BE USED WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION.


Written Content

The content for Orange Otaku has been researched and checked to ensure accuracy. Although the characters/names/etc. all belong to their respective owners, the written content still cannot be copied as is and called your own. This is PLAGIARISM, and is highly inappropriate. If you want to use Orange Otaku as a source/reference to write your content, then do so in a respectful manner by either citing Orange Otaku as the source of the content, or rewrite the information into your own words.


In certain circumstances, information on this site may not be written by the staff. DVD and manga descriptions are taken directly from the covers to give you the correct information, and often times episode summaries are official summaries from the licensing company, compiled to give you the most accurate information without too many spoilers.


Image Content

Since we don't own the properties presented on the site, we also don't own the character images, screenshots or logos. However, you may not directly link any images hosted on Orange Otaku (also known as hotlinking). If you use any images/screenshots found on this site, we would appreciate that you link back to us. Sure, we don't own them, but we did take the time to find them (or in some cases, take the screenshots from our own anime collections), so if you don't feel kind enough to show gratitude for us assembling all the images for you to use, I suggest you go find them the hard way.


Downloadable Content

Downloads are a bit of a touchy subject, but they exist nonetheless. For that reason, there are rules regarding content that you can download from Orange Otaku, including, but not limited to: audio files, video files, and scans.



Many portions of Orange Otaku run on scripts. Several of these, such as the forums or content management system, are scripts designed by other people and are used as is. These scripts are credited directly to their creators, and we had no part in their creation (download and install... yay!). Several other scripts, however, are either scripts that were open source and edited by Mr. Referee to fit the needs of Orange Otaku or created by Mr. Referee. If you wish to use a script, or would like to know how a script works, please ask. We're usually pretty nice to people when they ask. ^_^



The forums are a public community. Although the forums are moderated and the staff DO engage in discussion, not all views or comments made are the views of Orange Otaku or the staff. We are not responsible for the opinions of others! We will do our best to keep the forums a fun and friendly community for all, but we cannot force one view upon others, and therefore members of the forusm will not always share the same opinion as the staff. If you have an issue with an opinion portrayed on the forums, please contact one of the staff.


This Terms of Use was last updated on December 25th, 2009.