About Orange Otaku


Endless Vortex started on November 29th, 2002, as a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan site, and grew to include anything anime or video game related. Constantly growing (and overcoming obstacles) during its lifetime, Endless Vortex kept going until October 2009. A seven year run is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you consider it was started by a bunch of 15 year olds who barely knew what they were doing.


In October 2009, we lost the Endless Vortex domain. But because we are incredibly stubborn (and have a dream of being able to sit around watching anime and playing video games all day for a living) we decided that we wouldn't just give up on our site! (Mostly though, we didn't want to let 7 years of hard work go down the drain! We have to do something with all this stuff we've gathered over the years.) A new face and a new name, Orange Otaku was born.


Why Orange Otaku? We tossed around a lot of potential names. But they all felt too serious and stodgy and boring, and people who know us will tell you we're not the most serious people around. (They will tell you that we're a little bit crazy. Okay, maybe more than a little bit.) The colour orange served us well with EV, being the main colour in our best layouts ("our best" really means "my favourite"), and we've considered ourselves otaku pretty much since we discovered the word in junior high. The name really fit, and we loved it (which means I loved it, and Mr. Referee had no choice, hahaha). (Plus, when discussing the site we get to type "O.O" a lot. I love making text faces ^.^)


We learned a lot from running EV (especially Mr. Referee, our resident web developer), and maybe a complete re-vamp is what it needed. We're a little bit older, and we've got new knowledge, new ideas, and new information. Plus, one of us likes to sit around and write things a lot, but has nowhere to publish it (and that totally isn't me, Morwen, not at all... *shifty eyes*).


So here we are, all shiny and new! Orange Otaku.


Come. Be Orange with us.